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At Yukimi-inn (Jacob’s report 2nd)
At mt.Sanbe (Jacob's report 1st)

Yukimi-inn Oda city guesthouse

i378-14 Odacho Oda, Oda-shi, Shimane-ken, 694-0064


What is the Yukimi-Inn?

Until the beginning of the 20th century the “Old Sanin Road”, an ancient footpath, led through the town of Yukimi, right past where the guesthouse “Yukimi-Inn” is located.
The road started in Izumo, reached Yukimi via the Senyama-Pass and continued towards Iwami Ginzan winding between the Temples of Oda.
There is an old poem written by the great Saigyo Hoshi, who visited the Town in the 12th century, which translates roughly to this:

“When you first see the snow on the top of Mt. Sanbe in Iwami, shining in the morning glow, you will feel as if it were Mt. Fuji”

The poem refers subtly to the town of Yukimi, the name of which means “Snow-View” At the end of the 18th century, a disciple of Haiku poet Nakajima Gyobo created a monument called “Yukimizuka” and the “Saigyodo” Building to celebrate Saigyo Hoshi's poem.
Every winter, the scenic view of the snow-covered Mt. Sanbe can be seen along Sanbe River which is fed directly from the mountain. The sight fills the residents with pride to this day.

The guesthouse Yukimi-Inn was built to allow tourists from all over the world to share in this feeling.